Wednesday, 30 April 2014

GameBase - an invaluable off-line database for retro gamers!

Being an avid retro gamer enthusiast for more years than I care to remember has meant that I have experienced the wonderful world of computer emulation since 1991. However it wasn't until 2004 that I found the fantastic database utility called GameBase on the excellent World Of Spectrum web-site.

GameBase is basically a graphical front-end for an Access Database. Once installed on your PC and configured with the correct paths it then displays all your games for a particular system in any catalogued way that you prefer. The screenshot below shows my GameBase for Spectrum games. This is a database that I downloaded years ago and have greatly modified and added to.

Each game is ran easily by highlighting and clicking 'Play Game'!

At the moment there are a total of 9,567 games and utilities all with relevant screenshots, cassette inlays, game instructions, help files like Maps and also RZX and Video walk-throughs. It also contains information on each game e.g. software house, programmer, genre, memory, price etc.

Each game is executed simply by double-clicking on each entry. GameBase then opens up your Spectrum emulator, loads and runs the game in a few seconds. You can also choose from different versions of the game e.g. full-price or budget re-release.

The classic Ultimate Play The Game's PSSST!

You can run searches or custom filters on any of the data. I'm quite into stats so here are some on my Spectrum GameBase which is being constantly updated.

Total entries: 9567
Music tracks: 538
Favourite Games: 898
Disk Games: 680
Tape Games: 7417
Rom Cartridges: 14
Utilities: 297
Compilation Games: 1017
Games I owned from 1983-1991: 1144
Adventure Games: 1610
Cassette Inlays: 6029
RZX Files: 1859
Videos: 625
Maps: 1419
Game Instructions: 2630
Screenshots: 9550

Strangeloop, another excellent Spectrum game - and you can even download my RZX Walk-through!

You can download GameBase and several pre-built databases from the creators web-site here. Some of the other system databases available are Amiga, Amstrad CPC, BBC, C64 and Atari ST.

There is a help guide here on GameBaseZX to get you started on your own. 

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