Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spectrum RZX Archive

If you haven't come across the Spectrum RZX Archive yet then now is the time to check it out! RZX files can be loaded into most popular ZX Spectrum emulators such as Spectaculator or SpecEmu and contain a recording of a Spectrum game being completed. The file sizes are very small as they mostly only contain the game snapshot plus any keyboard or joystick inputs.

You can record your own game RZX by running a Spectrum emulator (I have used Spectaculator as an example below. Load in your favourite game and then once loading is complete, from the menu bar select Control/Action Replay(RZX):

Type a name for your new RZX creation and select a location where it will be saved, then click on OK and then click OK again to select Record from current position.

Now any keypress or joystick move that you make will be saved to the RZX file. When recording a game you have the extremely useful 'rollback' function. If you press the Ins key when recording this will create a save position so that if you make a mistake in your recording then you can easily press Delete and it takes you instantly back to the last save position. The more times you press Delete the more it takes you back through your past save positions. Really handy for those precise platform games!

Once you have completed your game then from the top menu select Control/Action Replay(RZX)/Stop and Finalise. This will finalise your RZX snapshot meaning that you can't edit it in future and it is ready for submission to the RZX archive. If you want to carry on editing your RZX then just select Stop instead of Stop and Finalise.

TIPS: When recording a game make sure that there is no loading from tape (e.g. a multi-load game). If there is then just stop the recording and create a new RZX once the loading is complete. Also do not enter any pokes or change any hardware options when recording an RZX as this can also corrupt it.

You can download RZX files at which is maintained by Daren Pearcy who is always friendly and posts any new games up very quickly. Look out for the RZX games posted by me, Malcolm. I've been happily posting files to the RZX Archive since April 2005 and don't have any plans to stop yet!

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