Friday, 2 May 2014

Retro Gamer Collection Magazine Vol. 8 Out Now!

Retro Gamer Collection Volume 8 magazine is now out on-line in the Imagine Shop or at WH Smiths. This is the usual compilation of previous Retro Gamer magazines all handily in one edition. 

The Imagine Shop is here.

Volume 8 features:

The Big Feature
- Invasion of the Coin Snatcher
- The Story of Breakout
- Inside the BBC Micro
- The Greatest Videogame Bosses
- SCUMM Origins

The Making Of
- Adventure
- Lode Runner
- Baldur’s Gate
- Carrier Command
- Warcraft
- Star Castle

Collector’s Guide
- Sega Master System
- Amiga 500
Gaming Legends
- Shigeru Miyamoto
- Sid Meier

From The Archives
- Bizarre Creations
- Naughty Dog
- Digital Integration

History of
- Final Fantasy
- Pitfall!
- Starfox

In The Chair
- Jeff Minter
- Mark Turmell

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