Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cambridge museum's arcade games brought back to life

The UK Computer Museum in Cambridge asked for volunteers to fix their old arcade games that were in non-working order.

Thanks to the volunteer's help some of the old arcade units which have been out of use for up to 17 years are now working.
Read more about this here.

The UK Computer Museum is worth a visit for all retro game fans and features tons of old computers, consoles and even calculators from the past!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Retro Gamer Magazine Issue 131

Issue 131 is now out in the shops. This month features:

History Of Rampage
- Discover how George, Lizzie and Ralph went on to rule the world

20 Years Of Elder Scrolls
- We trace the origins of Bethesda's successful RPG series

The Making Of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
- Discover how Neversoft made its hit game, without ever making a sports game!

The Bluffers Guide To Interactive Movies
- Discover why FMV games were the next big thing, and why it went wrong

Also inside...
- History Of Rampage
- Ultimate Guide: RoadBlasters
- A Moment With Bill Harbison
- Reader Revival: Advanced Pinball Simulator
- 20 Years Of Elder Scrolls
- Future Classics: Bioshock
- From The Archives: Gang Of Five
- The Making Of Tau Ceti
- Marathon Men
- Retro Revival: Mario Is Missing
- Retro Inspired: OlliOlli
- Minority Report: Amstrad PCW
- The Bluffer's Guide To Interactive Movies
- The Unconverted
- The Making Of Monster Max
- Retro Revival: WWF Smackdown 2
- In The Chair: Mev Dinc
- Classic Moments Super Turrican

Friday, 11 July 2014

Listen to over 2 hours of the best Spectrum 128k music!

Prepare your ears for the best in Spectrum music! Click on the video link below to listen.

Games featured are:

Agent X 2
Auf Wiedersehen Monty 128k
Batman: The Movie
Battle Valley
Bear a Grudge
Bionic Commando 128k
Bubble Bobble
Canyon Warrior
Chase HQ
Combat School
Cue Boy
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
Destiny Mission
Fantasy World Dizzy
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 128k
Glider Rider
LED Storm
Magicland Dizzy
MASK III: Venom Strikes Back
Race, The
Raw Recruit
Rock 'n Roll
Saint Dragon
Super Scramble Simulator
Turbo Out Run
Where Time Stood Still

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The worst ZX Spectrum music!

The ZX Spectrum was capable of some really impressive music, whether on the humble 48k machine or the more advanced 128k model. Featured here are some what I think are the worst of the tunes to feature on the Spectrum.

Avalon - Great game but raspy music with no real tune.
Booty - Okay this was only £1.99 and the game wasn't half bad, but that continuous Sailor song music! At least you could switch it off.....
Bounty Bob - Another decent game but the tune is far too high pitched for my ears.
Con-Quest - Out of tune with screamingly high notes. Help!
Dominator - I'm not sure if this is an actual tune or if it is just continuous background noise?
East Enders - One of the worst games on the ZX Spectrum, and the music is no better. A poor rendition of the famous East Enders tune.
Gallatron - Reminds me of the 'music' I used to create in my early Spectrum programming days......
Gerry the Germ - An awful game with music that has no real tune. Very poor!
Gladiator - A tune more appropriate to a BASIC game. At least the 128k version was a bit better.
Goonies - A game that would be much better with sound effects during play rather than this awful attempt at music.
Heist 2012 - No music here, move along!
It's Only Rock & Roll - A classic strategy game but the demo of your band playing on stage is laughable....
Nemesis - Could have been so much better. Simple and repetitive.
Nonterraqueous - Good game for £1.99 but a noisy, irritating tune!
Pulse Warrior - A poor 128k tune. Again it would be better with simple sound effects rather than this amateurish tune.....
Tapper - Nice little game but please can you switch off the in-game tune!
World Cup Football - I used to love this football game in the early days but the tune is so annoying after a while! Impressive programming at the time though, I thought.

Listen to my worst selection of tunes below!