Saturday, 19 July 2014

Retro Gamer Magazine Issue 131

Issue 131 is now out in the shops. This month features:

History Of Rampage
- Discover how George, Lizzie and Ralph went on to rule the world

20 Years Of Elder Scrolls
- We trace the origins of Bethesda's successful RPG series

The Making Of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
- Discover how Neversoft made its hit game, without ever making a sports game!

The Bluffers Guide To Interactive Movies
- Discover why FMV games were the next big thing, and why it went wrong

Also inside...
- History Of Rampage
- Ultimate Guide: RoadBlasters
- A Moment With Bill Harbison
- Reader Revival: Advanced Pinball Simulator
- 20 Years Of Elder Scrolls
- Future Classics: Bioshock
- From The Archives: Gang Of Five
- The Making Of Tau Ceti
- Marathon Men
- Retro Revival: Mario Is Missing
- Retro Inspired: OlliOlli
- Minority Report: Amstrad PCW
- The Bluffer's Guide To Interactive Movies
- The Unconverted
- The Making Of Monster Max
- Retro Revival: WWF Smackdown 2
- In The Chair: Mev Dinc
- Classic Moments Super Turrican

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